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Our other products

Our Other Products

Our Other Products

We also offer other wide range of solutions such as: Video Surveillance Access Control and Time ...

How ideal are our services?

How ideal are our services?

Our services are ideal for the following operations: Personal Vehicle Tracking or Chauffeur Drive...

Soteria Solutions Services

  • Real Time Location Tracking +

    Ensuring that the vehicles location is activity monitored to prevent misuse of resources by ensuring the right routes Read More
  • Over Idling Monitoring +

    Fuel saving tools that monitor unnecessary idling of vehicle. An accumulative four hours of idling result in fuel Read More
  • Fleet management system +

    Database system that helps an organization establish cost effective vehicles and vehicles that drain in to an organizations Read More
  • Route Scheduling/Optimization +

    Creation of Geo zone to facilitate efficient delivery of goods and services by ensuring that the right routes Read More
  • Route Player +

    Re-run the movement of vehicle on the digital map to trace the route traversed by the vehicle. Read More
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