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At Soteria Solution we ensure your security in and around your building is maximized with our diverse camera solutions, including but not limited to IP cameras, Wired security cameras and Analog cameras. We also provide structured cabling services with the most affordable prices as per your needs both as a household or a firm. The company has been a leading player in supply, installation, repair and maintenance of CCTV cameras for over a decade due to the customization as per customer’s needs. For consultation on DRV,NVR or SD storage, information on hard drives needed and period taken for storage of CCTV, get in touch talk2us@soteriasolutions.biz

Our systems works on the basic idea of securing all possible entry points in a building. You will be able to get timely notification of any entry that has been fitted with our motion sensors even with the slightest movement.

Access control refers to use of technology to only allow authorized personnel inside a building or a room. We provide a full set up of the services which will enable our client get information of who has entered and who has left. You will be able to keep track of employees as well as ensuring sensitive data has been secured.

Being one of our main products, Customers are able to check: Mileage Reporting, Automatic generation & sending of reports, Web-based Application & Mobile App, Audio Function and Real time Alerts & Notification. Also with our featured product that enables you to switch off your ignition (Immobilize) device whenever you suspect malpractices related to your vehicle.

Electric fences are your first line of defense as a visual deterrent to crime. Residential security is an area that homeowners should never gamble with. Should anyone decide to call your bluff, power energizers emit a non-lethal electrical current, either continuously or in pulses, as per your specification. At Soteria we ensure that our technicians install only the best electric fence supplied at the site. We not only supply electric fencing equipment but also do installation and maintenance.

Soteria Solutions has been proven to provide the best quality electric gates for both home and office. We have enabled our customers to open and close their gates at their comfort of their Remote Control Key.

Studies in Kenya have shown that there is a total of 300 vehicles stolen annually. With our alarm systems we can help reduce this number by providing timely notification of any activities in and around your vehicles. The number of vehicles stolen will reduce with our featured product that enables to switch off your ignition with an anti theft device whenever you suspect malpractices related to your vehicle.


• Fleet management system
• Real-time tracking
• Applicable temperature: -35°C~80°C
• Rang of speed limiting: 10-120km/h
• Dimension: 130mm*87mm*32mm
• Deviation of speed limiting:< ±2km/h(According to R89 certificates)
• Working voltage: 6-36v

• Rated power: 1.2W
• Rated current: 0.12mA
• Anti-vibration character: 20~50Hz

• Pulse frequency : 1~500Hz
• Temper-proof for the wires disconnection
• In-built GPS and GSM
• Inbuilt Battery living time: 800 mAh ( Can be last for 5 hours without the external power

Dashcam Features:

  1. Video Recording: Captures footage of the road ahead and sometimes the interior of the vehicle.
  2. Loop Recording: Automatically overwrites the oldest footage when the storage is full, ensuring continuous recording.
  3. Wide-Angle Lens: Provides a broader field of view to capture more of the surroundings.
  4. G-Sensor: Detects sudden movements or impacts and automatically saves the footage to prevent it from being overwritten.
  5. Parking Mode: Continues to monitor the surroundings even when the vehicle is parked, activated by motion detection or impact sensors.
  6. Night Vision: Enhanced capability to record clear footage in low-light conditions or at night.
  7. GPS: Records location data along with the video footage.
  8. Time and Date Stamp: Adds a timestamp to the video footage for reference.
  9. Wi-Fi Connectivity: Allows for easy transfer of footage to a smartphone or computer.
  10. Dual Channel: Records both the front and rear views simultaneously.
  11. Voice Control: Enables hands-free operation for starting and stopping recordings or taking snapshots.
  12. Driver Assistance Features: Some advanced dashcams offer features like lane departure warning, forward collision warning, and speed limit alerts.

Vehicle Tracking Features:

  1. Real-Time Tracking: Provides the current location of the vehicle in real-time.
  2. Geofencing: Allows users to set up virtual boundaries and receive alerts if the vehicle enters or exits predefined areas.
  3. Route History: Records and displays the historical routes taken by the vehicle.
  4. Speed Monitoring: Alerts users if the vehicle exceeds predefined speed limits.
  5. Fuel Monitoring: Monitors fuel consumption and alerts for unusual usage or theft.
  6. Remote Engine Immobilization: Allows the owner to remotely disable the engine in case of theft or unauthorized use.
  7. Driver Behavior Analysis: Monitors driving behavior such as harsh braking, acceleration, and cornering.
  8. Maintenance Alerts: Provides notifications for scheduled maintenance based on vehicle usage.
  9. Tamper Alerts: Alerts the owner if the tracking device is tampered with or removed.
  10. Integration with Mobile Apps: Allows users to track their vehicles using a smartphone or tablet.
  11. Battery Monitoring: Monitors the vehicle’s battery level and alerts for low voltage or battery disconnection.
  12. Two-Way Communication: Enables communication between the vehicle and the owner/driver using a mobile app or web interface.


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