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Soteria Solutions Ltd is the answer to professional & discreet surveillance & tracking solutions. At Soteria, we offer a solution that is reliable, fair & accurate.Soteria Solutions Ltd is a company bringing together the skills, knowledge and expertise of IT & technical professionals.

We are Systems Integrators, consultants, trainers, evaluators and researchers; assisting organizations to employ effective tracking & fuel monitoring solutions so as to minimize misuse of company resources; and therefore reduce the financial impact on business.

Clients can always expect an exceptional level of service and expertise.

Our Vision:
To be recognized as a premier tracking & fuel monitoring partner for individuals, small & medium sized organizations.

Our Mission:
To provide accurate, discreet, professional & cost effective service to clients of any size.

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We provide the highest quality products & services and tailor tracking & fuel monitoring solutions for all budgets creating peace of mind for clients of any size. As a medium sized service provider we can give greater personal service than our larger competitors but have the capability to tailor quality for all businesses and environments.

As a privately owned company, we can respond quickly and create positive, practical value for money solutions for you and your business.

Just send us your questions and we will give you the help you need.

Customer Engagement Service

Soteria Solutions will provide training for you and your staff who will utilize the system to track vehicles and monitor fuel levels. We will show you how to analyze data received from daily reports as well as how to best view and manage your fleet.

We are also available on phone for any emergency support and are well able to guide our clients on how to go about various functions.

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